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Il menuTutta la pasta nel nostro menu è fatta in casa e di nostra produzione


Various kinds of cold meats and salami of pork and crostini
Tuscan liver paté on toast
Selection of Tuscan cold meats, salami and pecorini cheese, Colonnata bacon on bread
Roast leg of pork flavoured and preserved in chianti olive oil
Pecorino Val d’Elsa cheese flan with saffron
Tuscan liver paté with truffle on warm bread, liver with figs and nuts, vegetable flan
Small cake with caramelized onions on Parmigiano sauce
Beef tartare with vegetable crudités, egg, its sauces


Spelt and bean soup Tuscan style
spinach gnocchi with Chianina meat sauce
Spaghetti with red radicchio, speck, blue-veined Pecorino cheese
Broad Spaghetti Siena style with cheese and black pepper sauce
Tortelli stuffed with Cinta Senese pork on creamed black cabbage
Ribbon noodles with wild boar sauce
Ribbon noodles with saffron sauce and Tuscan sausage
Ravioli filled with artichokes and truffles
Large tortelli Sangimignanese style filled with chicken and truffle
Small cottage chees dumplings home style with pecorino “Di Buca” and pistachios
Broad Spaghetti Siena style with duck sauce


Cockerel “under the brick” (cooked in a special crock – spot) flavoured with thyme
Stuffed rabbit prepared according to the recipe of Artusi
Pork tenderloin with heart of green apple and white wine
Grillede lamb chops and Sliced leg of lamb grill with fresh artichokes salad and herbs
Florentine style beef slices, served on arugula salad
Sirloin of beef with wine must Sangiovese
Wild boar stew prepared in Tuscan style
Peppery Florentine beef ( spicy beef delicacies)
Florentine T-Bone steak
Duck breast with Vinsanto sauce and white grapes


fresh pineapple
“Semifreddo” (ice-cream cake) with hazelnut brittle
Pie Florentine style with fresh ricotta cheese and chocolate chips
homemade chocolate cake (chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache)
Local biscuits with Vinsanto wine
millefeuille cake with lemon custard and strawberries