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Our restaurant is a garden set among the medieval towers of San Gimignano and will allow you to immerse yourself in history, surrounded by the flavours and scents that only Tuscany can offer. We prepare bronze-drawn pasta with our own hands, we select only the best Cinta Senese cold cuts and we serve our customers the real Bistecca alla Fiorentina, strictly of the Chianina breed, cut high and cooked according to tradition. In the kitchen, we have been working with the utmost respect for the raw materials for generations. We choose short chain products, mainly from small local producers, with great attention to healthy and organic food. Come and visit us and you will be pampered by our exquisite starters, first courses, main courses and homemade desserts, prepared according to the Tuscan tradition.
The scents of Tuscany, the taste of history


Enjoy the place, taste the Tuscany!

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In order to give you a more complete experience of our cuisine, a <br>minimum order of 2 courses per diner is required.<br>Our aim is to convey to you our love for Tuscan cuisine, both <br>traditional and revisited.<br>We seek out the best local products and make the most of their seasonality.<br>We put all our passion and love for our unique land and our <br>extraordinary culinary tradition into our dishes.<br><br>(Desserts and side dishes are not part of the minimum order, but can be <br>added to your liking).<br><br>For children we have a menu designed for them.